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MTS 210

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Welding Gun of Your Choice, 10’ Ground Clamp, Flowmeter, 6’ Gas Hose

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The MTS 210—a multi-process machine capable of MIG, synergic MIG, DC TIG, and Stick— offers a manual mode as well as 9 synergic programs. A quick and simple, 3-step process makes setup of the MTS 210 a breeze and gets you welding in minutes—just select your process, wire diameter, and material thickness during automated setup. The 8 square inch LCD featured on the MTS 210 adds to setup simplicity by telling you which gas your application requires and also enables you to easily view and adjust your weld parameters.

The MTS 210 also offers an ST-arc function. The ST-arc function reads welding parameters back to the welding machine live (while welding). The function monitors the arc length and keeps the arc length constant, while allowing the stick-out (CTWD; contact tip to work distance) to vary. ST-arc, essentially, allows the new welder to focus on the location of the weld, as well as the travel speed, and also allows the experienced welder to keep a perfectly uniform weld bead along with uniform heat input, which enables the welder to achieve good welds in tight corners—a feat that couldn't be reached previously with conventional welding equipment.

The MTS 210 operates the same way as the Pro Pulse™ 220 MTS. The only difference between the two machines is the board; the logic board in the MTS 210 does not include the pulse module so the machine, therefore, does not include any pulsed process MIG welding programs. However, you may upgrade the front panel logic board, if you choose to do so at a later date, to add the pulse feature and pulsed process MIG welding programs to your machine.


Maximum Output Amperage 200A
Minimum Output Amperage MIG: 12A
TIG & Stick: 4A
Maximum Recommended Thickness
*Single pass capacity varies depending on the material being welded and the settings of the machine.
1/4" to 3/8"
Duty-Cycle 35% @ 200A (77º F)
100% @ 140A (77º F)
25% @ 200A (104º F)
60% @ 140A (104º F)
100% @ 120A (104º F)
Open Circuit Voltage 75V
Electronic Overload Protection Yes
Cooling (On-demand, electric fan, variable speed) Air
Wire Spool Capacity
*Up to 44 Lb. weight capacity
8" & 12"
Wire Diameter
*Depends on the material being welded (not all wire can be welded in all sizes).
0.23" to .045"
Input Voltage 208 to 240V
Input Amperage MIG & TIG: 35A
Stick: 40A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Wire Feed Rate (In./Min.) 55 to 630 IPM
Dimensions 19-3/4" L x 10" W x 14-1/2" H
*Without wire and cables
42 Lbs.


CA Prop 65 - For Residents of California
Warning: Welding and cutting equipment, accessories, and fumes can expose you to chemicals, including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), Lead, and Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.