Group Welding Classes

Looking for a fun hands on activity that is different from all the rest. Sign up for our group welding class where you and your acquaintances will get hands on experience and create a cool project by the end of the class—no experience required! When you take part in our group welding class, we provide you with all of the material and knowledge you need to build your own Weld-it-Yourself kit!

We hold our group classes at our Elk Grove Village facility, and the classes last about 3 to 4 hours. For the class, we will provide you with the appropriate safety gear and welding equipment. Our instructor will give you a crash course in MIG Welding 101 and demonstrate proper MIG welding techniques. Once your group feels comfortable with the process, we will then instruct you on how to build your Weld-it-Yourself kit. This is a hands on activity that focuses on creativity, listening, and teamwork.

A minimum of 6 individuals is required to fill a class, with a maximum of 12 individuals per class.

Great for Team building, company parties, birthday parties, ect.

$250 per individual.

Looking to book a class or have questions? Contact Nicole at nicolen@htpweld.com.