10' 15 Series (150A) MIG Gun, w/Molex Style Trigger Connection, f/HTP® AMERICAMIG 130 Welders

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    10' 15 Series (150A at 25% duty-cycle) MIG gun, with Molex style trigger connection, for HTP America® MIG 130 welders. Uses HTP® AMERICA 15 Series consumables (the traditional 15 Series gas diffuser is not compatible with this gun; for the gas diffuser used with this gun, please visit the following link: Female Gas Diffuser f/81295BCL MIG Welding Gun). Features a gas valve in the brass block at the base of the swan neck, located within the handle, since the machines do not include a built-in solenoid valve. The ring terminal connects to a stud on the inside of the machine, the 2-pin male Molex style trigger connector connects to the trigger terminal on the inside of the machine, and the gas hose runs through the machine and to the adapter on the backside of the machine.