15' 501 Water-Cooled MIG Gun for Welding Steel

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    15' 501 water-cooled MIG gun for welding steel with the HTP America® Pro Pulse™ 300. Our water-cooled MIG gun includes 9mm quick connect/disconnect fittings on the water in and out lines. Designed for use with our smart water-cooler (P/N 601692).

    The water-cooled MIG welding gun can also be used with the HTP America® Arctic Chill water-cooler, but you will also need to buy a pair of water-cooler adapters (P/N 2QDCONV58) to connect the gun to the cooler.

    Nozzle (Pt# 26104, 26105)
    Steel liner (Pt# 36040-16)
    Diffusors (Pt# 501002-DIF)
    Tip holder (Pt# 501002-TH)
    36 series tips regular and CRZR also fit: TIPS