9 Series (125A) Air-Cooled Torch w/M16 Fitting f/Power & Gas Supply

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    9 Series (125A) air-cooled TIG welding torch with an M16 fitting for power/current and gas supply.

    Nothing makes TIG welding easier than a high-quality TIG torch with a flexible cable. Our air-cooled torches feature a one piece cable design constructed from an extremely flexible, silicon rubber hose with a nylon, braided weave overlay. The cables even stay flexible in cold weather; the cable design puts much less strain on your wrist and makes the torch feel lighter.

    Available with a standard rigid neck, a flex neck, or a swivel head and in 12.5' and 25' lengths. Includes a long back cap and a heat shield. Collets, collet bodies, alumina cups, and tungsten sold separately.

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    Note regarding swivel head TIG torches: If you do not tighten your swivel head torch head enough, the loose connection can cause overheating and arcing. Arc damage and melting at the brass surfaces underneath the adjustment stem and swivel head, as well as those on the torch body, can occur. If those surfaces are compromised, the body, head, and adjustment stem will all need replacement. 

    Recommended tightening procedure:

    1. Position the torch head 90º counter-clockwise from the desired position.
    2. Tighten the adjustment stem by hand until snug.
    3. Turn the torch head* 90º clockwise until firmly tight.
    *Do not use the adjustment stem for the final tightening of the torch head to the torch body, only use the torch head to do so.