Gas Nozzle, 3-Pack, f/24 Series MIG Welding Guns

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    Gas nozzle, 3-pack, for 24 Series MIG welding guns. Conical, cylindrical, small conical, or spot weld nozzles available. Each of the nozzles measure 2-1/2" L. For the inner diameter measurement at the welding end of the nozzle (the front end), please see below:

    Cylindrical Nozzle (P/N 24104B): 11/16" ID
    Conical Nozzle (P/N 24105B): 1/2" ID
    Spot Weld Nozzle (P/N 24106B): 11/16" ID
    Small Conical Nozzle (P/N 24108B) 3/8" ID