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You ask and we executed: introducing the HTP Inverarc 160 Plus. This little stick welder operates on single phase with 110V or 220V power! The machine draws 21.3 amps out of the wall when operating at a welding output of 160 amps. With the InverArc 160 Plus, you can run the following processes: SMAW (stick) and GTAW (TIG). The InverArc 160 Plus features an IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) power module. The microprocessor circuit controls and optimizes arc transfer irrespective of the load variation and of the impedance of the welding cables. The inverter technology used in the InverArc 160 Plus enabled us to obtain the following:


All the characteristics of this machine allow it to be user friendly for anyone. Ideal for a pipe fitter out in the field or hobbiest looking for the perfect stick welder. This machine is not approved for use with a generator. With a two year warranty and unbeatable customer service the Inverarc 160 Plus would be a great addition to your welder lineup.

Noise Level: The sensitive components used in the InverArc 160 Plus are cooled with forced air by fans with low noise production, and the InverArc also features sophisticated, electronic overheat protection to prevent damage to your machine.

TIG Abilities: The InverArc 160 Plus also functions as a lift-start, DC TIG. To run the InverArc in the TIG welding mode, you only need a TIG torch (with a gas valve in the handle), a flowmeter, and a gas bottle. You can adjust the output amperage without a remote control—simply use the knob on the InverArc to adjust the output amperage as necessary.

Input Power

120V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz

230V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz






Maximum Input 

Amperage (A)





Effective Input 

Power (A)





Power Factor



Output Amperage (A)

10 to 125

10 to 160

Max No-Load Voltage (V)

55 (80)

Duty Cycle (Stick & TIG)


60% @ 95A
100% @ 75A

60% @ 125A
100% @ 90A

40% @ 160A
60% @ 125A
100% @ 100A

Protection Class


Insulation Class


Dimensions (L x W x H)

14.37” x 5.51” x 9.06”


17.64 Lbs.

CA Prop 65 - For Residents of California
Warning: Welding and cutting equipment, accessories, and fumes can expose you to chemicals, including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), Lead, and Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit
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Peter Z.
United States United States

Great arc dynamic and KILLER duty cycle !

HOW ! what an awesome machine ! It runs all rods that I ever wanted to run !!! even 6010 and aluminum rod. Dual voltage, super portable, and the duty cycle HTP is advertising has to be too low ... I have had it turn off (over heat 3 times in one year running 5/32 7018 basically wide open .... and right after it shuts off a minute later it comes back on and welds for another quarter of an hour ... I dont know how they do it but this is a really capable machine ... ! why only 4 starts ? well - it does not work on generators ......

United States United States

Great little dual voltage "lunchbox" stick welder !

This is a butt kicking little lunchbox stick welder! Duty cycle is awesome, and it will properly run Lincoln 5P+ / 6P+ 6010 rods! And by "properly", I mean it doesn't have to be forced the way you would have to with the very low-tier lunchbox stick welders that advertise & claim to be able to run 6010s. With the Inverarc 160 Plus, you don't have to bury the 6010 rod into the puddle just to keep it lit. You can whip-n-pause with a decently generous arc length and the arc will not extinguish! Just don't use cheap/lower quality 6010s, as they will extinguish likely due to very thick flux or different flux formulations. Best Welds/Blue Demon 6010s won't work. Böhler Fox 6010s work OK, but I don't recommend them on this machine. HTP sells Kiswel 6010s which I should have bought because it is supposed to run those very well! I should've ordered a few pounds when I ordered the machine, but I forgot. Next time! :) The 15ft length stinger cable is nice for a good reach, and uses Flex-a-prene USA Made cable as does the ground/work clamp. The PFC circuit keeps power-consumption as low as any top-tier inverter stick welder for a given amperage (power factor is 0.99!) , and assures identical arc dynamic/performance on a 120V outlet as it does on a 240V outlet. Max amps and duty cycle is a bit lower on 120V outlet, but the arc is just as good and not "de-rated" like it is on very cheap inverter lunch box welders, which means you CAN run 6010s on a 120V/20A outlet! Opening it up inside, is a huge fan, and it is almost all aluminum heatsink inside! This is not a typical cheap lunchbox stick welder! None the less, do keep in mind to get over 90 or 95A on 120V, you DO need a 30A breaker. The case is a nice bonus, as it has plenty of space to throw in your gloves, rods, heck even a few grinders if you want.

HTP America - USA Weld HTP Inverarc 160 Plus -Dual Voltage ReviewHTP America - USA Weld HTP Inverarc 160 Plus -Dual Voltage ReviewHTP America - USA Weld HTP Inverarc 160 Plus -Dual Voltage ReviewHTP America - USA Weld HTP Inverarc 160 Plus -Dual Voltage ReviewHTP America - USA Weld HTP Inverarc 160 Plus -Dual Voltage Review

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