Messer® 1/8" MG 600 Stick Welding Rod

Product # CR333-1/8
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    Available in 1 Lb. and in 10 Lb. increments.

    A low heat input, all position, electrode designed to produce high tensile, smooth, and porosity free welds without undercut or spatter. Limited supply at this cost.


    Welding low, medium, and high alloy steels requiring the highest strength and quality. Ideal for repair of tools, dies, springs, carbon steels, stainless steels, pressure vessels, aircraft steels, vanadium-moly spring steels, and as an underlayment or pad prior to applying hard facing alloys. Commonly used for joining stainless steels of unknown analysis and these steels to carbon steels. Also used for rebuilding shafts and blades used in the chemical, construction, and mining industries and for broken stud removal.

    Technical Data:

    Tensile Strength Up to 180,000 PSI (1241 N/mm²)
    Yield Strength Up to 90,000 PSI (621 N/mm²)
    Elongation Approx. 28%
    Hardness Approx. 300 HB
    Current AC or DC reverse polarity (Electrode Positive)
    Amperage 65-120


    Prepare the joint area by removing foreign material. Bevel heavy sections to form a 90º vee. Hardenable alloys should be preheated. Use jigs, fixtures, and tack welds to maintain alignment. Hold a short arc. Stringer beads are preferred to prevent overheating. Allow to cool before removing slag. Deposits will take a high polish when subjected to wear.