MIG 175 HTP Replacement Gun & Parts

HTP America® Tweco Mini MIG style welding gun and parts/consumables for Eastwood® MIG 175 welders. Available parts/consumables include: conical nozzle, cylindrical nozzle, spot weld nozzle, tapered conical nozzle, flux-cored/gasless nozzle, .023", .030", .035", and .045" contact tips, gas diffuser, swan neck, 16' steel liner, 10' Teflon liner, and trigger switch.

Nozzles, contact tips, and gas diffuser also fit OEM gun.

Please note: If you own a 2014 or older Eastwood® MIG welder with a male, black Amphenol trigger connector, you need MIG welding gun part number K530-6, which can be found here: K530-6 MIG Welding Gun.