WCA03 Test Procedures for the Collision Repair Industry

HTP® Pro Pulse™ 200 & Pro Pulse™ 220 MTS:
Infineon® IGBT Inverter, Full Synergic Welding Machines with Synergic Pulse, Designed for Collision Repair

The HTP Pro Pulse 200 and the HTP Pro Pulse 220 MTS meet the amperage requirements for the following I-CAR® programs:

Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03)
Steel Sectioning (SPS05)
Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding (WCA03)
MIG Brazing Hands-On Skills Development (BRZ02)

Our Pro Pulse machines feature aluminum programs for 4043, 5356, and 5554 alloy wires, as well as steel and silicon bronze programs for pulse and non-pulse operation, and fulfill all of the current I-CAR® test requirements.

We also provide "cheat sheets" for the Aluminum I-CAR® tests. Our cheat sheets include settings and instructions for the test, as well as general machine setup instructions. Additionally, we provide online instructional videos, and, to ensure that you successfully pass the test, we also provide aluminum coupons (small pieces of aluminum), for an additional charge, that you can use to run practice welds. 

Hundreds of our customers successfully completed their I-CAR® certification using the Pro Pulse 200 or the Pro Pulse 220 MTS.

Depending on availability and location, HTP can provide in-person training, for an additional fee, to help prepare you for your test! Regardless of your location, we provide further phone assistance if you have additional questions after exhausting our literature and video resources. 

HTP delivers competitively priced, affordable welders that will prepare you for success!

We know that your time is valuable and you don't have weeks to "figure it out". Rather, we want our equipment to work for you!

To download, save, and print our cheat sheets, please click on the links below.