MIG Welding Guns

Use the Brand drop down box to select the make or brand of your MIG welder, e.g. Chicago Electric, HTP America, LINCOLN, Miller, etc. Then, use the Model drop down box to select the model of your MIG welder. Here, you may see multiple options for your model (HTP Flex, HTP Replacement, HTP Replacement Model 1, HTP Replacement Model 2, and OEM).

Select HTP Flex for the HTP America® flex neck MIG welding gun and consumables available for your machine.

Select HTP Replacement for the HTP America® standard rigid neck MIG welding gun and consumables available for your machine.

Select OEM for the OEM style consumables for your machine. While we do carry a few OEM guns, if you need a complete MIG welding gun assembly and do not see an OEM gun listed for your machine after selecting the OEM option, please select either the HTP Flex option or the HTP Replacement option to view the replacement gun options available to you.

HTP Replacement Model 1 and HTP Replacement Model 2: We offer two different MIG welding guns for your Brand and Model. The front end consumables are the only difference between the two guns. Check out both and decide which MIG welding gun model suits you better.

Here at HTP America® we make our replacement MIG welding guns to the highest standards—after all, these guns are OEM on our welding machines! We took the design principles employed in our own HTP guns and applied them to the replacement guns we build for other, non-HTP welders.

(Fig. 1).

A view into the construction of our replacement MIG welding guns enables you to see the quality of the guns. For instance, we use high temperature shrink tubing to prevent the trigger wires from chafing against the crimp connection (Fig. 1).


(Fig. 2).

Our crimp connection—the key to good transfer of the welding current— uses high-quality copper crimps and solid brass fittings and lock nuts (Fig. 2).


(Fig. 3).

Looking at a cutaway of the coaxial cable (Fig. 3), you see the liner, which features a plastic coating to prevent the shielding gas from running out the back of the gun, that runs through the inner tube of the gun assembly. The shielding gas runs between the outside of the liner and the inside of the inner tube. The copper wires, which carry the welding current, and the trigger wires, which activate the machine, are neatly wound around the inner tube. Finally, we encase the whole assembly in a heat-resistant, flexible, rubber outer sheath


Where do air hoses typically fail? At the crimp connection where you go from a flexible connection to a rigid connection. That is why HTP guns use a spring support system at both the handle end and the machine end of the welding gun (Fig. 4 & Fig. 5).

(Fig. 4).

(Fig. 5).

Our color coordinated handles feature an ergonomic design that fits your hand better. Plus, you can disassemble the handle without any tools. If you really want to make welding easier, consider upgrading to an HTP flex neck MIG welding gun. We can outfit many of the guns we make with our flexible neck. The flex neck MIG welding gun works great for exhaust work or for building roll cages.

With an HTP replacement gun, you get the best of both worlds—a better than OEM quality gun at an affordable price! With over 40 years of experience in the welding industry, we can custom build you a gun for virtually any machine. So don’t throw that old welder away—put new life into it with an HTP replacement MIG welding gun!