Technical Support Policy

Free over the phone technical support

  • Any HTP machine still within warranty period
  • HTP MIG 130 up to 10 years
  • HTP MIG 140-2400 up to 10 years
  • All Inverter based HTP machines currently in production (including PP200, PP220, PP300, Invertig 221,221DV, 301, 313, 400)
  • HTP Microcut 600, 875S and 875SC up to 10 years,
  • HTP Quick Spot II up to 10 years
  • Second hand HTP machines with warranty transfer fee paid
  • Customer service has discretion to reduce or extend these guidelines based on customer’s purchase history. (frequency or $ amount)

No Technical Support

  • Competitor machines
  • Aftermarket parts for competitor machines (will only be partially supported by sales, not by technical department)

End of Life (No parts, service or support available for following models)

  • Invertig 200, 201
  • Microcut 301, 625
  • Any MIG machine that predates the HTP 140-2400 line
  • Versa, Maxi, and Micro MiG
  • Versa Spot 7000