Hobart® H200L4-15 Parts

Replacement parts/consumables for Hobart® H200L4-15 MIG welding guns. Available parts/consumables include: gas nozzle, .023", .030", .035", and .045" contact tips, contact tip adapter, nozzle adapter, shock washer, OEM tube head/swan neck, OEM trigger switch, and consumable kit.

The the OEM trigger switch will not fit HTP America® replacement MIG welding guns. If you need a replacement trigger switch for your HTP America replacement MIG welding gun, please use our MIG Welding Guns Search tool. To use the MIG Welding Guns Search tool, simply select the brand of your welder from the Brand drop down box, and then select the model of your welder (with either HTP Flex or HTP Replacement after the model name/number) from the Model drop down box.