HTP America® Inverarc 200 TLP

The versatile Inverarc 200 TLP runs the following processes: SMAW (stick), SMAW-P (pulsed stick), GTAW (TIG), and GTAW-P (pulsed TIG). No matter which type of stick welding rod your job requires, the Inverarc provides two stick welding mode options to cover all of your need—ARC (standard stick welding mode) and CEL (stick welding mode with enhanced arc characteristics designed especially for rods with cellulosic flux coatings, such as 6010 and 6011 rods, or specialty rods, such as certain hard-surfacing rods).

When stick welding, in either the ARC welding mode or the CEL welding mode, the Inverarc offers a few adjustable functions—arc force, hot start, and pulse frequency. In the ARC welding mode, you can vary the arc force value from 0% to 200%, and in the CEL welding mode, you can vary the arc force from 0% to 500%. In both the ARC welding mode and the CEL welding mode, you can vary the hot start value from 3% to 40% and the pulse frequency value from 0.4 Hz to 5 Hz.

Only a few engine driven welders match the incredible arc dynamic of the Inverarc 200 TLP.

The Inverarc also functions as a lift-start, DC TIG with pulse ability. To run the Inverarc in the TIG welding mode, you only need a TIG torch (with a gas valve in the handle), a flowmeter, and a gas bottle. Connecting a remote control, such as a foot pedal or a hand control, enables you to easily and remotely adjust the output amperage. However, you can still adjust the output amperage without a remote control—simply use the encoder on the Inverarc to adjust the output amperage as necessary. 

In the TIG welding mode, the Inverarc offers two adjustable functions—slope down and pulse frequency. You can vary the slope down time from 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds, or you can turn slope down off, and you can vary the pulse frequency value from 0.4 Hz to 999 Hz.

When you purchase an Inverarc 200 TLP, the package includes the power source, the electrode holder and cable assembly, the ground clamp and cable assembly, and a travel bag. The Inverarc operates on single-phase, 230 volt power (208-240 volt), and comes set up with a NEMA 6-50P plug. Packed with power and backed by a 3-year warranty, the Inverarc is perfect for a multitude of welding applications in virtually any location, thanks to the light-weight and small size of the power source, along with the convenient travel bag.