HTP America® MicroCut™ 875SC v2

We proudly introduce our newest plasma cutter, the MicroCut™ 875SC v2—now available with or without built-in CNC capabilities. The MicroCut 875SC's unmatched arc stability and power allows you to cut material up to 1/2" thick at 45 amps, all day long, with 100% duty cycle. Set up with a standard 14-pin connector, the MicroCut 875SC features an Arc OK signal and torch voltage signal (50:1 signal) to run a torch height controller. With the MicroCut 875SC, the maximum rated CNC pierce capacity is 1/2"; the cut speed at 1/2" material thickness runs at 72 IPM. To use your MicroCut 875SC CNC on your plasma table, simply install our optional CNC machine torch, plug in your table, and switch the cutter into CNC mode.

To get the best cutting capacity, fastest cutting speeds, and longest consumable life out of your CNC plasma cutting applications, we highly recommend using our HTP Max Dry desiccant air dryer system (#25310-2). Dry air is a necessity when running a CNC with a torch height controller.

With 55 amps of cutting power in manual mode, the MicroCut 875SC quality cuts material up to 3/4" thick at 8 IPM and severance cuts material up to 1" thick at 4 IPM. If you need to cut thinner gauge sheet metal, no problem—just tweak the amperage down and slice away. Perfect for the serious fabricator, the MicroCut 875SC allows non-stop, efficient cutting (with a duty cycle of 100% at 45 amps) and effectively slices through mild steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and even rusty or painted plate. For hand cutting, install our optional hand torch and switch the cutter into manual mode.

The MicroCut 875SC packs powerful performance into a perfectly sized package, making this versatile cutter perfect both in the shop and on the job site. Thick or thin, the MicroCut 875SC gets the job done! Backed by a 2-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee, you can't go wrong with the MicroCut 875SC.