HTP America® MIG 200

We haven't talked to anyone who had a project the hardworking MIG 200 couldn't handle. With 200 amps of welding power, anything up to 3/8" thick is fair game. Yet the HTP® MIG 200 is refined enough for your most delicate jobs—all the way down to the very finest, light gauge sheet metal

Anybody who welds will appreciate the power and performance features of the MIG 200. It's the ideal choice for everything: commercial use, fabrication, farm or ranch work, marine repair, or extensive and repeated automotive projects like race cars, street rods, and trailers.

Power is just the beginning. With 24 heat settings, the MIG 200 can be adjusted for the most critical jobs. Whether you're welding 3/8" steel or thin, rusty sheet metal, the power is under your control. An impressive duty-cycle, coupled with forced air cooling, keeps the unit operating for many years under the most demanding conditions. To save time, you can reverse the polarity without any tools for a quick changeover to flux-cored wires. Our long list of standard features make this MIG the one by which to judge all others.

Your MIG 200 comes complete with the following items: 10' lightweight, ergonomically designed 15 Series MIG welding gun, 10' ground cable and clamp assembly, flowmeter and gas hose, and undercarriage (so you can put a tank on the back of the welder and move it around your shop). While a 10' MIG welding gun is standard, you can upgrade to a 12' or 15' MIG welding gun when you place your order. MIG welding wire and gas bottles sold separately. Note: Before you purchase a gas bottle, we recommend that you check with your local gas supplier to make sure they will fill a gas bottle that you own.

We are so sure you will like our MIG 200, we will let you take it for a 90-day test weld. That's right, buy a MIG 200 and try it in your shop on your own projects for 90 days. If you aren't satisfied, don't like the way the machine welds, lose your job, or just don't like the color, we will take it back! A 90-day money back guarantee, it's that simple. We also back the MIG 200 with a full 3-year warranty.