HTP America® Quick Spot II

Now, with our Quick Spot II, anyone can make factory looking spot welds quickly, easily, and affordably. This 220-volt powerhouse produces 6000 amps, making rust and panel repairs a snap. The Quick Spot II welds with virtually no warpage and finishing work is minimized because no metal is added in the welding process. You don't have to worry about pitting windshields or burning interiors because the Quick Spot II eliminates spatter.

Best of all, the Quick Spot II requires absolutely no welding skills to operate. Microprocessor technology allows you to easily select the thickness of the panels you are welding. To weld, simply squeeze the handle together and the Quick Spot II does the rest. It even has a pulse feature for burning through primers.

We carry an assortment of spot welding arms for the Quick Spot II so you can tackle just about any welding job that comes your way. We recommend the Quick Spot II for the sophisticated home shop, body man, sheet metal fabrication shop, or antique restorer.