3/32" Stubby Gas Lens Kit

Product # SR17STGLC-332
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  • Description:

    Our 3/32" stubby gas lens kit allows you to put a 9/20 Series alumina cup onto any 17, 18, or 26 Series TIG torch.

    The 3/32" stubby gas lens kit includes: (1) 3/32" collet, (1) 3/32" gas lens collet body, (1) #8 alumina cup, (1) heat shield, and (1) medium back cap.

    Using 9/20 Series cups on a 17, 18, or 26 Series torch shortens the total length of the torch head and allows you to more easily access tight spaces.

    The kit fits all 17 and 26 Series air-cooled torches and all 18 Series water-cooled torches, including LINCOLN® PTA-17, PTA-18, and PTA-26 torches, Miller® Diamondback DB17, DB18, and DB26 torches, along with Weldcraft® LS-17, WP-17, WP-18, and WP-26 torches.