HTP America® MIG 130

The HTP® MIG 130 is an affordable MIG welding package for the do-it-yourselfer. The welder operates on 110 volts and gives you the ability to weld anything from thin sheet metal up to 3/16" steel. The machine features four heat settings, an infinite wire feed adjustment, a 7' MIG welding gun, a 5' ground cable and clamp assembly, along with a 6-1/2' input power cord.

The versatile welder uses both 4" and 8" diameter spools of wire, and comes ready to weld with extra tips, a roll of .035" flux-cored (gas-less) wire, flowmeter, and a gas hose adapter. Polarity reversal requires no tools. Just add a tank of 75% Argon, 25% CO2 shielding gas and you're ready to go!

HTP backs the MIG 130 with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.