HTP America® MIG Welding Gun f/LINCOLN® MIG Welders

HTP America® MIG welding gun, with a two (2) female spade terminal trigger connection, for the following LINCOLN® MIG welders:

HANDY MIG® 170i, MIG-PAK 10, MIG-PAK 15, PRO 100, PRO 155, PRO-CORE™ 100, PRO-MIG™ 135, PRO-MIG™ 140 (CODE 11128), PRO-MIG™ 175, SP-100, SP-100T, SP-125 PLUS, SP-130T, SP-135 PLUS, SP-135T, SP-155, SP-170, SP-170T, SP-175 PLUS, SP-175T, SP-85, WELDMARK 135 PLUS, WELD-PAK 100, WELD-PAK 100HD, WELD-PAK 125, WELD-PAK 155, WELD-PAK 175HD, WELD-PAK 3200HD, WELD-PAK 5000HD