Optrel® e684

Optrel, known for their High Quality Optics, takes HQO to a new level with the e684 auto-darkening welding helmet. The e684, in fact, meets the stringent 1/1/1/1 lens rating, which provides you with a clean, crisp, and true color view through the helmet lens.

The e684 also features Adaptive Shade Control. To use ASC, set the helmet to manual mode, adjust the shade for a light intensity you are comfortable with, and weld for a while. Let's say your current job is TIG welding at 50 amps. Weld for at least 10 minutes, and then switch the lens to the Auto mode—ASC takes over. Now, if you pick up a stick welder and start welding at 200 amps, the lens will automatically adjust to maintain the same level of brightness.

Other ADF lenses snap back to light. If you are welding with the lens set to shade 13 and stop welding, most welding helmets go from shade 13 to shade 4 quickly. The e684 features Twilight Technology, which allows you to adjust how quickly, or slowly, the e684 goes from dark back to light. Essentially, Twilight Technology greatly reduces eye fatigue and eye strain, allowing you to work longer and safer.

If you want to look cool, then the e684 is not for you; the e684 is for serious welders who want to keep cool! That is why the e684 is only available in a heat reflecting silver color. No skulls, flags, or flames—just a serious helmet for a serious welder.

The e684 also has some other unique features like two shade ranges; you can adjust the lens from shade 5 to shade 9 and shade 9 to shade 13. You can change the Arc Detection Angle from 120 Deg to 60 Deg. If you are welding in a shop with another work station near you, then narrowing the ADA from 120 Deg to 60 Deg will prevent another arc in the nearby workstation from making your helmet darken. The e684 also features sensitivity adjustmetn, grinding mode, optional hard had adapter, and can be used with the Optrel e3000 PAPR system.

The e684 meets CE, ANSI, AS/NZS, EAC, and CSA standards.

Optrel backs the e684 with a two-year, extendable warranty (excludes batteries). To receive an additional year of warranty, for three years of coverage, simply register your product online at http://register.optrel.com within the first six (6) months after purchase.