Optrel® Vegaview 2.5

A helmet like no other, the Vegaview 2.5 features an impressive 2.5 light-state shade level. The Vegaview's 2.5 light-state shade level blows the industry standard 4.0 light-state shade level away and allows for 23% light transmission, as opposed to the competition's 5% light transmission—a whopping 400% light transmission increase. The brighter and clearer field of vision offered by the Vegaview 2.5, overall, enables a safer and more efficient working environment. Not to mention, infinite shade level selection from shade level 8 through 12, and infinite delay adjustment between 0.1 s and 1.0 s, allows fully customizable protection.

The Vegaview 2.5 includes a True Color Filter (a UV/IR filter), which enables you to easily see your welding equipment LED through the helmet lens in realistic color. Three sensors and a variable detection angle enables light to dark switching in a snap—0.100 ms at room temperature. Two replaceable, 3V Lithium batteries (CR2032) and a light-weight design—the Vegaview 2.5 weighs in at only 17 oz—ensures nearly endless hours of crystal clear, comfortable welding. Suitable for all welding applications, as well as plasma cutting and grinding, includes an extra cover lens, convenient storage bag, and meets CE, ANSI, EAC, and CSA standards. Compatible with Optrel's e3000 PAPR system.

Optrel backs the Vegaview 2.5 with a two-year, extendable warranty (excludes batteries). To receive an additional year of warranty, for three years of coverage, simply register your product online at http://register.optrel.com within the first six (6) months after purchase.