TIG Torches & TIG Torch Consumable Parts

TIG Torches & TIG Torch Consumable Parts

Here at HTP America® we offer a wide variety of air- and water-cooled TIG welding torches that fit most machines. We carry 7, 9, 14, 17, 18, 20, 24, 24W, 26, and 230 Series TIG torches, along with replacement consumable parts for each torch series. All of our TIG welding torches are made in the U.S.A. by CK Worldwide®. For many of our TIG welding torches, we also offer flex and swivel head options, in addition to the standard rigid head options. Some torch heads even come with a gas valve as part of the torch head (for machines without a built-in solenoid valve). Your machine brand and model (and sometimes serial number) determine what type of machine connection your TIG torch requires. We offer a handy TIG torch selection tool on our website that directs you to the torches available for your machine: TIG Torch Selection Tool. If you do not see your machine listed in our TIG torch selection tool, please give us a call at (847) 357-0700; we may be able to build a torch to fit your machine. Figures 1 and 2 below show our current torch offerings based on cooling type. We also list the maximum amperage capacity of each torch.

Figure 1: Air-Cooled Torches
TIG Torch Series Amperage
7 Series 70A
9 Series 125A
17 Series 150A
24 Series 80A
26 Series 200A

Figure 2: Water-Cooled Torches
TIG Torch Series Amperage
14 Series 140A
18 Series 350A
20 Series 250A
24W Series 180A
230 Series 300A

Selecting a New TIG Welding Torch

When selecting a new TIG welding torch, you first and foremost select a torch based off of the cooling type (i.e., air or water) of your welder. If you often weld thick material, and most frequently run your welder at the max, then you want to take into consideration the maximum output amperage of your TIG welder when selecting your new torch. If you run a welder with a max output amperage of 300 amps and select a 20 Series torch, a 250A water-cooled torch, you cannot run your welder at the max output amperage; the 20 Series torch, essentially, limits your max output amperage to 250 amps. If you do try to run your welder at 300 amps with a 20 Series torch, you risk damaging your TIG torch and possibly your welder. In this instance, you want the amperage capabilities of your new torch to meet or exceed the max output amperage of your TIG welder.

Many TIG welders feature huge output amperage ranges. You can run some TIG welders at an output amperage as low as 4 amps. If you weld thin material at low amperages regularly, you can opt for a lower amperage torch. You can run our 7 Series air-cooled micro torch up to 70 amps, and you can run our 14 Series water-cooled micro torch up to 140 amps. Micro torches feature an extremely small torch head and body, as well as small consumable parts, which allow you to easily weld thin material in tight and hard to reach places.

If you weld the entire output amperage range of your TIG welder, you may want to consider keeping multiple torches on hand. In other words, you may want to purchase an air-cooled torch (lighter weight and less bulky) for welding at lower amperages and a water-cooled torch (a bit heavier and more bulky) for welding at higher amperage. The somewhat universality of TIG torch consumable parts makes keeping and using multiple torches easy and feasible. For instance, you could keep a 125A 9 Series air-cooled torch on hand for welding at lower amperages and a 250A 20 Series water-cooled torch on hand for welding at higher amperages...and use the same consumable parts on both torches, which we will discuss at further length shortly.

Overall, when selecting a new TIG welding torch, you want to take into consideration the cooling type of your welder, as well as the amperage requirements of the majority of your welding applications.

Consumable Parts—Types & Differences

Unlike MIG welding guns, TIG welding torches typically do not come with a set of consumable parts preinstalled, other than the heat shield and the back cap. We offer a wide variety of TIG torch consumable setups, including alumina, gas lens, Pyrex standard diameter, and Pyrex large diameter, as well as specialty setups such as those offered by Furick® (FUPA and BBW cups and kits) and those offered by EDGE Welding Supply®.

Alumina TIG torch consumable parts include alumina cups, collets, and collet bodies. Pyrex TIG torch consumables parts (both standard and large diameter) include Pyrex cups, collets (typically wedge collets), collet bodies, and tungsten adapters. Alumina, gas lens, and Pyrex standard diameter setups work well for everyday welding. Large diameter and specialty setups work well when performing critical welds on exotic material, such as Titanium, Chrome Moly, and Stainless Steel, or in other instances when you require precise gas coverage.

The heat shield required changes based on the torch consumable set up you use. We carry short length (pretty much a little nub), medium length, and long length back caps. Base your back cap selection on your weld location. When welding tight corners or within an enclosed space, a short back cap works best; when welding with no movement or space limitations, use a medium or long back cap.

Given the larger size of 17, 18, and 26 Series torch heads and standard consumable parts, we offer short alumina and Pyrex setups, as well as a stubby gas lens setup, for these torches. The short and stubby setups essentially allow you to use 9 and 20 Series TIG torch consumable parts on your 17, 18, and 26 Series TIG torches.

Which brings us to consumable compatibility. The following torch types use the same consumables (Figure 3).

Figure 3: TIG Torch Consumables & Compatibility
Compatible Torches Available Torch Setups
7 Series Air-Cooled & 14 Series Water-Cooled Standard Only
9 Series Air-Cooled, 20 Series Water-Cooled, & 230 Series Water-Cooled Alumina Standard, Gas Lens, Pyrex Large Diameter, Pyrex Standard, & Specialty
17 Series Air-Cooled, 18 Series Water-Cooled, & 26 Series Air-Cooled Alumina Short, Alumina Standard, Gas Lens, Pyrex Large Diameter, Pyrex Short, Pyrex Standard, Stubby Gas Lens, & Specialty

Selecting Consumable Parts for Your Current or New TIG Welding Torch

If you are simply looking for replacement consumable parts for your current or new TIG welding torch, you can easily determine which torch series you use by examining the torch head; the torch head should be stamped with the series number. Then, choose your desired setup. Please see Figure 4 below with examples. 

Figure 4: Identifying Your TIG Welding Torch Series

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