Pyrex Cup Kit, Standard

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    Stay neat and organized with one of our Pyrex cup kits. Each kit includes a handy, compartmentalized box, with part numbers and descriptions, and all of the necessary components to allow you to use your 17 and 26 Series Air-Cooled or 18 Series Water-Cooled TIG torches with a Pyrex cup. Each kit includes the following items: heat shield, wedge collet, collet body, tungsten adapter, and standard Pyrex cup, which measures 1-7/8" Long by 1/2" Diameter. The wedge collect and tungsten adapter come in .040", 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8" sizes.

    The kit fits all silicone rubber 17 and 26 Series Air-Cooled and 18 Series Water-Cooled TIG torches. For example, the kit fits the LINCOLN® PTA-17 torch commonly found on the LINCOLN® Precision TIG 175, 185, and 225, the Miller® Diamond Back DB-17 torch found on the Econo TIG, Syncrowave 180, and Syncrowave 200, the Weldcraft® WP-17 torch, and most other 17, 18, and 26 Series TIG torches.

    The kit does not fit torches with hard plastic torch heads. The simple test? If your back cap is made of the same material as the torch head, then the kit will not fit the torch (generally, ESAB® and Linde® torches).