26 Series Heavy Hitter Flex Neck Air-Cooled TIG Torch for HTP America® TIG Welders

Product # 2612HH-35D-14B
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  • Description:
    26 Series Heavy Hitter flex neck air-cooled TIG welding torch with a 35 Dinse (1/2" OD) adapter for power/current supply and a 1/4" BSP gas fitting. Fits the following HTP America® TIG welders: Invertig 160DC, Invertig 200 AC/DC, Invertig 201 AC/DC, Invertig 221 AC/DC, and Invertig 221DV AC/DC.

    Nothing makes TIG welding easier than a high-quality TIG torch with a flexible cable. Our air-cooled torches feature a one piece cable design constructed from an extremely flexible, silicon rubber hose with a nylon, braided weave overlay. The cables even stay flexible in cold weather; the cable design puts much less strain on your wrist and makes the torch feel lighter.

    Available with a standard rigid neck or a flex neck and in 12.5' or 25' lengths. Includes a long back cap and a heat shield. Collets, collet bodies, alumina cups, and tungsten sold separately.

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