7 Series (70A) Air-Cooled Micro Torch w/35 Dinse & 9mm Quick Connect/Disconnect Gas Fitting

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    7 Series (70A) air-cooled micro torch with a 35 Dinse (1/2" OD) adapter for power/current supply and a 9mm quick connect/disconnect gas fitting. A great addition to our torch lineup and able to handle all of your hard to reach welding jobs. With a low profile and clear Pyrex nozzles, the micro torch enables you to see your work and ensures a high quality weld in normally hard to reach places. 

    The torch package includes the following: torch, super flex cable assembly, 45, 90, and 180 degree heads, 2 clear nozzles, 1 ceramic cup, .040", 1/16", and 3/32" collets, a tungsten stick-out gauge, and a wrench. Please note that the 90 degree torch head is already installed on the torch.

    Available in 12.5' and 25' lengths.

    For consumables, please use the following link: 
    7 Series Air-Cooled Standard Consumables

    Micro Torch Specs

    Neck Diameter .31" (7.9 mm)
    Neck Length 3.10" (78.7 mm)
    Cup Diameter .36" (9.1 mm)
    Cup Length .60" (15.2 mm)