7 Series (70A) Air-Cooled Micro Torch w/35 Dinse & 9mm Quick Connect/Disconnect Gas Fitting

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    7 Series (70A) air-cooled micro torch with a 35 Dinse (1/2" OD) adapter for power/current supply and a 9mm quick connect/disconnect gas fitting. A great addition to our torch lineup and able to handle all of your hard to reach welding jobs. With a low profile and clear Pyrex nozzles, the micro torch enables you to see your work and ensures a high quality weld in normally hard to reach places. 

    The torch package includes the following: torch, super flex cable assembly, 45, 90, and 180 degree heads, 2 clear nozzles, 1 ceramic cup, .040", 1/16", and 3/32" collets, a tungsten stick-out gauge, and a wrench. Please note that the 90 degree torch head is already installed on the torch.

    If out of stock please call and we can get one on order for you.

    Available in 12.5' and 25' lengths.

    For consumables, please use the following link: 
    7 Series Air-Cooled Standard Consumables

    Micro Torch Specs

    Neck Diameter .31" (7.9 mm)
    Neck Length 3.10" (78.7 mm)
    Cup Diameter .36" (9.1 mm)
    Cup Length .60" (15.2 mm)