Dual Tank Holder -For HTP America CART2020 and CART1972, Revolution 2500, Pro Pulse™ 300, Invertig™ 313 AC/DC, & Invertig™ 400 AC/DC

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     https://youtu.be/2gOIEiPe4A0  (Part# DUALTANKHLDR)

    The Dual tank holder weld it yourself kit is an accessory designed to be used with the HTP CART2020 and CART972 welding carts.

    It allows for a dual setup of gas tanks, providing convenience and extended welding time without the need for frequent tank changes.

    The Dual Tank Holder is shipped as a flat kit, consisting of laser-cut steel pieces. To assemble it, you will need to bend the steel components into the correct shape and weld them together.

    The HTP CART2020 welding cart is specifically designed to accommodate larger welding machines such as the Revolution 2500, Invertig 300, Invertig 400, and Pro Pulse 300. It offers a robust and durable platform for securely holding and transporting these welding machines.

    The HTP CART1972 is for mid size machines and smaller such as the HTP Pro Pulse 220 MTS and the Invertig 221 machines.

    Approximate Measurements in the bent and ready to weld on stage:

    9 1/4 deep x 18" wide at top 4 1/2" tall
    Tank holes are approx. 7 1/2" Maximum bottle size is 2 of the 160 cubic foot tanks

    Also check out the foot pedal holster! Now available at usaweld.com

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    Please note: This is an add on accessory and does not include the CART2020 welding cart or the HTP Foot Pedal Holster.