HTP America® .030" & .035" E71T-11 Flux-Cored MIG Welding Wire, 2 Lb, 4" Spool, Mixed 8-Pack

Product # 60230-35-8
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  • Description:
    Designed for welders who use a gas-less MIG welder or for anyone working in an area where it is not practical to use shielding gas with solid wire. Features a standard center mounting hole measuring 5/8" in diameter. Our E71T-11 flux-cored MIG welding wire is precision layer wound rather than random wound; MIG welding wire that is precision layer wound is like a spool of thread where each revolution is next to the other, which feeds better and provides a more consistent wire feed rate. E71T-11 provides multiple pass applications. Great for use outdoors where wind may blow your shield gas away.