Contractor Kit for Miller® Multimatic 200

Product # MULTI200CK
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  • Description:
    TIG contractor kit for the Miller® Multimatic 200. The kit cross references to Miller® p/n 301287.

    Our TIG Contractor Kit includes the following items:

    ♦ A USA-made, 12' 17 Series Air-Cooled TIG torch with a 25 Dinse flow-thru connection (Rigid or Flex)
    ♦ A USA-made, 25' Foot Pedal with a 6M (6-pin) connection 
    ♦ A 6' 5/8"-18 RH male to 5/8"-18 RH male gas hose
    ♦ An Argon flowmeter (we use the 5/8"-18 RH fitting from the flowmeter to make the gas hose)
    ♦ TIG parts kit (p/n SR-1711)