Optrel® Panoramaxx

Always at the forefront of technology, Optrel offers, for the first time ever, a panoramic field of vision with the Panoramaxx auto-darkening welding helmet! Optrel achieved this panoramic field of vision with a nose cutout that brings the ADF lens closer to your eyes; the cutout, in essence, makes the frame nearly imperceptible to you, the welder, and offers a visual field 6-times larger than that of any other welding helmet available today. The amazing Panoramaxx also features an Autopilot function, which enables fully automated shade adjustment from shade level 5 to shade level 12. In Autopilot mode, a 5-sensor array detects the arc's brightness and adjusts the shade level accordingly. With Autopilot deactivated, you can manually adjust the shade level from shade level 7 to shade level 12. The multi-sensor array enables a superfast light to dark switching time—an amazing 0.090 ms at room temperature!

Like the popular Optrel Vegaview 2.5, the Panoramaxx includes a True Color Filter (a UV/IR filter), which enables you to easily and clearly see your welding equipment LED display through the helmet lens in realistic color. Also like the Vegaview 2.5, the Panoramaxx features an impressive 2.5 light-state shade level. Optrel broke the mold once again with a brand new, rechargeable Lithium-polymer energy pack. The energy pack coupled with solar cells and a light-weight design—the Panoramaxx weighs in at only 18.7 oz—will keep you welding, both comfortably and safely, for hours on end.

When you purchase an Optrel Panoramaxx, the package includes the following: welding helmet, storage bag, USB to micro-USB charging cable, one front cover lens, user/operator manual, and warranty card. The package DOES NOT include an AC adapter for the charging cable.

The Panoramaxx meets CE, ANSI, EAC, and CSA standards.

Optrel backs the Panoramaxx with a two-year, extendable warranty (excludes batteries). To receive an additional year of warranty, for three years of coverage, simply register your product online at http://register.optrel.com within the first six (6) months after purchase.