HTP America Inc.® Pro Pulse™ 300

We proudly introduce our newest flagship welding machine—the Pro Pulse™ 300. The Pro Pulse 300 carries on the legacy of its little brother, the Pro Pulse™ 200, and brings it to the next level.

You asked us for a true, multi-process welding machine capable of MIG, TIG, and Stick welding, and the Pro Pulse 300 represents our answer to your requests. Not only did we make the Pro Pulse 300 capable of MIG, TIG, and Stick welding, we made the Pro Pulse 300 capable of pulsed MIG, pulsed TIG, and pulsed Stick as well. On a machine of this magnitude, you expect the best of the best, so we designed the Pro Pulse 300 to run on single- or 3-phase power from 200V to 575V—with no de-rating in output or duty cycle ever!

The Pro Pulse 300 features the same convenient 8 square inch LCD and easy to understand menu as the Pro Pulse 200, but we packed the Pro Pulse 300 with even more features. Some of the features include an ST-arc function, I-Cold Pulse technology for production welding of mild steel, single and double pulse (standard and fully adjustable double pulse) in every pulse program and for every material, along with more adjustable hot start function and slope down function for filling end craters, which enables you to weld aluminum with superior control.

Speaking of superior control, the Pro Pulse 300 features a Swiss-made, 4-roll gear drive wire feeder, with encoder, for precise monitoring of the wire feed rate. For aluminum welding, the fully geared wire feeder features individual adjustable pressure on each set of drive rolls. The wire feed system gives you the ability to run 3/64" aluminum wire through a 10' MIG welding gun or through a push/pull gun up to 35'. Because the Pro Pulse 300 puts out such high peak currents, we offer both air- and water-cooled MIG and TIG options.

A relatively light-weight package makes the Pro Pulse 300 portable enough to bring to any job site, so we also included a spool gun option. We designed our USA-made spool gun to be fully compatible with all hot start, slope down, pulse, and double pulse features, and, of course, the spool gun offers synergic remote control features just like our German-made push/pull systems do. No matter what you weld, from the thinnest auto body material to the thickest, multi-pass material in an industrial or manufacturing setting, the Pro Pulse 300 is the right machine for you. With programs to meet almost every need, from dual shield stainless to pulsed aluminum on a variety of alloys (4043, 5356, 5554), the Pro Pulse 300 will handle every job meeting or exceeding your expectations!

Starts at $4,895.00*

Please call HTP America/USAWeld Customer Service to discuss your accessory options and to purchase the Pro Pulse 300. You can reach us at (847) 357-0700.

*Price for the power source alone. Accessories and consumables sold separately.