25' Momentary Switch for LINCOLN® TIG Welders

Product # K814-HTP
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  • Description:

    25' momentary/arc-start switch for LINCOLN® TIG welders that utilize a 6-pin remote control connection.

    This arc start connect directly to the following machines:

    Lincoln Precision Tig 375, 275, and 225
    Lincoln PowerMig 210 MP
    Lincoln Square Wave 175, 175 Pro, 185, Tig 200, 255, 275, 300, 350, and 355
    Lincoln Tig 250/250, Tig 300/300 with Code higher than 8875
    Lincoln Invertec V160T, V160S, V205T, V250T, V275S, V300 Pro, and V350 Pro Lincoln DC400, DC600, and DC655

    This switch only starts and stops the welder—it does not control the amperage. You can use the arc start switch with 2T or 4T. In 2T-you set the machine to the amperage you want and then press the button to start arc. It will slope up to the amperage you have set. You must hold the button down while welding-when you let go of the button it will slope down and stop welding.

    In 4T-you press the button and it starts. When you let go it will slope up to the adjusted amperage then when you press the button the 2nd time press and hold it slopes down to the final current. Release the button and the arc extinguishes and it goes into post flow.