EDGE® Quartz Cup with 3/32" Diffuser

Product # GL920-Q10D332
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    This is a MUST HAVE for welding aluminum! EDGE® Quartz cup with 3/32" diffuser. Hand-made in the U.S.A. with laboratory grade quartz. A great option for welding aluminum and for other higher temperature welding applications! #10 and #12 size cups available. Sold individually. Each cup measures 0.75" x .075" x 1".

    EDGE Welding Supply Pyrex Cup Recommendations:

    ♦ The EDGE adapter and EDGE cup must be fully seated onto the Teflon heat/thermal shield.
    ♦ Can be used with any size and type of tungsten unless using diffuser technology.
    ♦ All sizes can be used with EDGE diffuser technology.