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12.5' CK 20 Series Water cooled Tig Torch (250amps) with Super flex Cables, Victor Regulator and Gas Hose, 12' SSC Foot Pedal, 10' Ground Cable, Arctic Chill Cooler 220, and Coolant  
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Welding Cart, Gas Bottle, Tungsten, Filler Rod

HTP Invertig™ 251 Single Voltage AC/DC Water-Cooled

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HTP Invertig™ 251 Single Voltage AC/DC Water-Cooled:

The HTP Invertig™ line up has now been elevated to the next level!

Meet the HTP Invertig™ 251 AC/DCAmericas most advanced AC/DC tig welding machine.

This is the one that broke the mold. HTP (High Technology Products) is continuing its legacy setting the standard in the welding industry once again. The new Invertig™ 251 AC/DC is the machine you have been waiting for! Of course, this machine is also Made in Italy just like all previous and current Invertig™ machines, excellent build quality and arc dynamic, packed with features that other manufactures have not even heard of yet. It features 1 amp starting and 250 amps max output and it comes with an easy to navigate menu displayed on a 5.1” Hi definition LCD Color Screen.

If you are serious about high end welding, you want outstanding results, you weld exotic or reactive metals, look no further. The Invertig™ 251 AC/DC has multiple ways to start the arc, you can use it with foot pedals, sliders, rotary hand controls, the TIG Button™. Thanks to our new Dynamic Power™ option you don’t really need a foot pedal anymore. You can vary your amperage simply by how close or how far you hold your torch to the workpiece. If you previously owned a blue welder of course all your accessories including your wireless pedal, cold wire feeder, orbital welding machine, etc. ALL those accessories are a direct fit, no electrical adapters or switching over of any kind needed.

In DC you now have options you never had before.  If course you can weld regular DC TIG, nothing special, and you can pulse DC TIG, most machines can do that too, but now you have a Soft Pulse option also where you can pulse DC TIG without the annoying sound. Those exotic or reactive metals I was talking about earlier, don’t you wish there was an easier way to weld Titanium and Stainless? Well, now there is:  DC double pulse. You have a high-speed pulse overlaid with a low-speed pulse, helping you to reduce heat input, HAZ, distortion and increase travel speed. We also revolutionized the way how you can hold parts in place with our new Fast-Tack technology.

In AC you have all the options you have ever wanted. You can choose from different AC wave forms, then you can “mix and match” choose one wave shape for the positive side of the wave and another one for the negative side of the wave. Of course, you can still adjust your balance and frequency to 400Hz (100 amps and less) and 200Hz (101-250 amps) and you have asymmetric AC as well, but now you can choose your zero-crossing current.  This makes you puddle more stable and less aggressive. If you are looking to weld BIG stuff with this machine, we know how much heat it can take to weld thick aluminum and no matter if you use 100% Argon or AR/HE mixes we added a Mix AC/DC feature that will allow you to mix DC into the AC welding arc and help you with tremendous amounts of additional penetration.

***Please note that the standard packages includes Arctic Chill water cooler and ships UPS.  The single voltage unit is also offered with the Smart water cooled package-you will need to got to the listing that states Smart Water Cooler package if you want this option. 

To learn more about this machine contact our customer service experts to see how YOU can benefit from this technology today.

The HTP Invertig™ 251 Single Voltage AC/DC Water-Cooled Specifications:

Input VoltageSingle Voltage 220V (208 to 240V)
Welding Current Single-Phase (240 volt) TIG1 to 250A
Welding Current Single-Phase (240 volt) STICK10 to 200A
Max Rated Output TIG250A
Max Rated Output STICK200A
Open Circuit Voltage 70V Stick - 90V TIG
Duty-Cycle (TIG) @104F @240Volt

20% @ 250A

60% @ 160A

100% @ 130A

Duty-Cycle (Stick) @104F @240Volt

25% @ 200A

60% @ 140A

100% @ 120A

Welding Modes

TIG 2T (Pedal/Slider)

TIG Spot
CAC - A (Gouging)

Tig ProcessAC, DC, AC Mix
TIG AC ProcessAC, AC Mix, Pulse
TIG DC ProcessStandard, Pulse, Soft Pulse, Double Pulse, Dynamic Power
AC MixYes
AC Mix (DC percentage)10 to 90%
Asymmetric ArcYes
EN Amperage (%)10 to 100%
EP Amperage (%)10 to 100%
AC Frequency (Hz) 2-100A20 to 400Hz
AC Frequency (Hz) 101-250A20 to 200Hz
AC Balance (%)10 to 90%
AC Wave FormsSquare, Triangle, Sine
AC Wave Forms mix and matchYes, All
AC Zero Crossing Current20 - 80A or AUTO
Spot ProcessStandard, Fast-Tack
Spot Time ON (Seconds)0.01 to 10.0s
Spot Time OFF (Seconds)0.01 to 10.0s
Stick ProcessManual, Easy-SET, DC pulse, DC Soft Pulse, AC Standard
Pulse StickYes
Stick Electrode SelectionYes
Stick Hot Start (%)0 to 50%
Stick Hot Start Time (seconds)0 to 2.5s
Stick Arc Force (%)0 to 500%
Stick DC PolarityReverse (DCEP) – Straight (DCEN)
General Tig Settings 
Pre-Flow (seconds)0.1 to 25s
Post-Flow (seconds)0.1 to 50s
Initial Amps (%)10 to 90%
Initial Amps Time (seconds)0 to 25s
Final Amps (%)10 to 90%
Final Amps Time (seconds)0 to 25s
Slope Up (seconds)0.1 to 10.0s
Slope Down (seconds)0.1 to 10.0s
Tig Minimum Amp Regulation1 to 100A
Tig Hot Start5 to 100A or AUTO
Tig Tungsten SelectionYes, .040”, 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
Tig Arc StartingHF, Lift, Lift Pipe, Pipe Lift Smart
Pulse Parameters 
Stick Pulse Frequency (PPS)0.4 to 5.0
Stick Pulse peak time (%)10 to 90%
Stick Pulse Background Amps (%)10 to 90%
Pulses/Second (PPS) TIG AC0.4 to 20.0
Pulses/Second (PPS) TIG DC0.4 to 1000
Peak Time (%)10 to 90%
Background Amps (%)10 to 90%
Automatic Polarity ReversalYes
Programmable Memories8
Cooling (On Demand)Fan Variable Speed (Forced Air) 
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)19-3/4" x 10" x 15-1/2"
Weight (Lbs.)48 Lbs.



  Owner’s Manual

The HTP Invertig™ 251 Single Voltage AC/DC Water-Cooled Accessory Packages:

The standard Invertig™ 251 AC/DC Single Voltage (220V) water-cooled package includes the following items:

♦ Invertig™ 251 AC/DC Single Voltage (220V) Power Source
♦ 220V Arctic Chill Water-Cooler
♦ 12.5' 20 Series Rigid Neck Water-Cooled TIG Torch 110/220 Adapter
♦ 12.5' Foot Pedal
♦ Flowmeter
♦ Gas Hose
♦ 2-Gallons of Coolant 
♦ 10' Ground Cable and Clamp Assembly


*Upgrade options are available via the drop-down boxes above for an additional charge.

CA Prop 65 - For Residents of California
Warning: Welding and cutting equipment, accessories, and fumes can expose you to chemicals, including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), Lead, and Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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