Messer® MG 80TAC PLUS Stick Welding Rod, 1 Lb.

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    Sold in 1 Lb. increments.

    Versatile stick welding rod that works with all stick welding machines, whether AC or DC, inverter or transformer, engine driven or not—everything from the cheapest machine to the top-of-the-line machine. Capable of welding all low ally and mild steel, Messer® MG 80TAC PLUS is a fast-freeze and very forgiving stick welding rod that generates little to no spatter and features excellent bead appearance and super easy slag removal (the slag falls off by itself).

    In our opinion, everyone should keep a couple of pounds of this stick welding rod on the truck or in the shop for those tough jobs where nothing else works. An excellent, all position maintenance rod; great for extracting broken bolts or for patching leaks.

    Available in 3/32" and 1/8" diameters.