Momentary Switch for HTP America® Invertig 221 AC/DC TIG Welders

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    Momentary/arc-start switch for HTP America® Invertig 221 AC/DC TIG welders. Fits air-cooled and water-cooled torches and easily attached to your TIG torch handle with Velcro straps.

    Available in 12.5' and 25' lengths.

    You can use the arc start switch with 2T or 4T. In 2T-you set the machine to the amperage you want and then press the button to start arc. It will slope up to the amperage you have set. You must hold the button down while welding-when you let go of the button it will slope down and stop welding.

    In 4T-you press the button and it starts. When you let go it will slope up to the adjusted amperage then when you press the button the 2nd time press and hold it slopes down to the final current. Release the button and the arc extinguishes and it goes into post flow.

    You can also use it in the tig reset mode. The Tig Reset mode allows you to switch between 2 pre-programmed welding amperages. For example, if you have your peak current set to 100 amps and you have your reset current set to 75%, then you will be able to toggle between 100 amps and 75 amps.

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    John E.
    United States

    Best bet for MIG guys moving to TIG

    Works great. I’d ordered the pedal with my invertig and lets be honest… not good for beginners. When you’re new “all that control” a pedal gives you is absolutely another level of cooridination. With a button, it makes TIG feel way more like MIG. Get used to all the other aspects of TIG before adding the complication of a pedal. Switch hitters always learn from one side of the plate first, find out they are good at it, and start trying from the other side. Same logic means button over pedal first… and then the pedal some future day.