Moose Knuckle Ceramic cup kit for 17, 18, 26 torches

Product # MK14C17KIT
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  • Description:

    Moose Knuckle 14 is recommended for Mild steel, Stainless steel, Chromoly, Titanium, Inconel and other space grade alloys. It works best on thinner /smaller to medium applications such as header tubes, chassis tubing and flat welding applications.

    This kit comes with 1 full cup, 1 spare diffuser, 1 3/32 CK gas lens, 1 3/32 wedge collet, and 1 black heat shield. The inside diameter of .875 inches / 22mm and is recommended for DC polarity applications only. Recommended gas flow between 25-30 CFH. Use with 3/32 / 2.4mm tungsten size and a 180 amp rating on constant amperage. It can go higher if using pulse settings.

    A few tips

    • Keep tungsten clean at all times
    • Start arc at a low amperage , Establish Arc on tip of tungsten then roll into the desired amperage, If arc wanders clean tungsten or damage to the Screen Diffuser is possible.
    • Keep screen in the shape it comes with and try not to deform the screen, If screen replacement is needed make sure Screen is sealed against the walls of the cup or undesired results may occur.