Power Cable Adapter for 26 Series Air-Cooled TIG Torches

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    Power cable adapter for 26 Series air-cooled TIG torches with one-piece power cables. The power cable adapter is machined from solid brass and accepts the standard one-piece power cable used on all standard 26 Series air-cooled TIG torches. This is used to connect a TIG torch to a power source with a threaded stud for the power output connection.

    The connection on 26 Series torches is a 7/8"-14 RH Male. The outlet is the standard 5/8"-18 RH Female connection so it fits the standard gas hoses used on all domestic welding machines. This power cable adapter fits any 26 Series torch, including LINCOLN® PTA-26 and PTA-26V torches, Miller® Diamondback DB26 and DB26V torches, along with Weldcraft® WP-26 and WP-26V torches.