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The HTP Revolution 2500 is offered in three different accessory package options-

Steel, Aluminum & All in 

Does Not Include: 
Welding Cart, Gas Bottle, MIG Gun Consumables/Parts (Except Those That Come Preinstalled on the Gun), MIG Welding Wire

Revolution 2500

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Revolution 2500:


The Revolution 2500 has sold out-more will be arriving next week.  Please note that any orders placed will be shipped as soon as the new batch of machines arrive.  

Designed by welders for welders!  We listened and built the world’s first TRUE PULSE multi process welder. This machine will revolutionize how America welds! Don’t waste any more time on setup or rework. Have everything you need always available at your fingertips.  Arc dynamic, efficiency, precision, and superiority in all ways imaginable.

HTP is proud to present the HTP Revolution 2500. This machine is not only the leader in its class, it has created a class of its own!


    • MIG and Pulse MIG (synergic MIG, single pulse, and double pulse)
    • Aluminum Pulse MIG in either single or double pulse
    • Steel Pulse MIG -Single and Double Pulse-only available for .030 steel wire.
    • AC/DC TIG, Pulse and AC TIG with different wave forms.
    • High Frequency TIG
    • Stick and Pulse Stick with programs for: 7018, 6013, 6011
    • Dual Voltage 110/220Volt with PFC and very low power consumption.
    • 250 Amps max output
    • Automatic Polarity Reversal (you never need to change polarity)
    • A full Manual MIG mode and a door chart
    • Backed by HTP customer service and support
    • Maximum portability, works on a 15 or 20 amp 110 volt circuit
    • For maximum output only a 30 amp 220 volt circuit is required

All the features you always wanted to see in one machine … here they are:

A full TIG machine with features such as; AC and DC, High Frequency start, both AC and DC pulse, 2 AC waveforms (square and triangular wave), Balance and frequency adjustment, up to 400 Hz*. Not only does this machine have an outstanding arc dynamic that rivals dedicated TIG machines from big name brands; it also has a low starting current and 250 amp max output. This machine is fully customizable with an air cooled or water cooled CK TIG torch (always super flex cables) and your choice of foot pedal, momentary switch, slider, or rotary control. This is not a compromise like a “Jack of all trades – Master of none” kind of deal… this is the real deal!

A full featured MIG machine. Not only is there an “old school” manual MIG program and a door chart for the few of us that are not ready to dive in headfirst. There is also a large variety of synergic programs for different wires, gases, and applications available. Let’s start with the “classic MIG wire”, so you want to weld it with 75/25 gas or with 100% co2? What diameter? Simply dial in the material thickness on the new advanced operator’s interface on the display and you are good to go! You want to weld stainless, and you have tri mix gas? No problem! This machine has the programs for that built in. Are you doing stainless steel production welding and you don’t want to spend your money on expensive tri mix gases? No problem! We have  the 98/2 program for that too! Welding in the field using gasless wires in .035 or .045 diameter? We have you covered! This machine will automatically internally reverse polarity when you select the matching program. Want to weld aluminum? Sure! With or without pulse? SURE! With manual double pulse? SURE! The possibilities seem endless! You can feed your aluminum wire through the 9' MIG gun or add the 25' spool gun.

A Stick and pulse stick welder with programs specifically tailored for 7018, 6013 and 6011 rods. Full manual modes; you pick your amperage, hot start, arc force and pulse parameters. Or use our guided Easy Set™ system that keeps you in the weldable range of parameters.

And there is so much more, if we have your attention now, pick up the phone and talk to our knowledgeable salespeople who all enjoyed hands on training on this machine and know how to weld with it!

*up to 99 amps, 200 Hz above that

Please note for maximize portability this machine only uses the 8" inch rolls of wire.  

The Revolution 2500 can be used with a Spool gun part# RSG258-PP300 you will also need the spool gun board part# 601855.  The Revolution 2500 does not work with the push pull gun option.


The Revolution 2500 Specifications:

Input Voltage


208 to 240V

Input Amperage max @ 208/ 240

15A (15A fuse)

30A (20 A fuse)

34.6Amp / 30 Amp

Input amperage effective current

15A (15A fuse)

19.3A (20A fuse)

17.9Amp / 15.5Amp

Maximum Output Amperage TIG

90A (15A fuse)

150A (20A fuse)

250 Amp

Maximum Output Amperage MIG

75A (15A fuse)

120A (20A fuse)

220 Amp

Maximum Output Amperage Stick

60A (15A fuse)

110A (20A fuse)

200 Amp

Minimum Output Amperage TIG AC or DC

5 Amp

Minimum Output Amperage MIG

13 Amp

Minimum Output Amperage Stick

10 Amp

Maximum Recommended Thickness
*Single pass capacity varies depending on the material being welded and the settings of the machine.


1/4" to 3/8"

Duty-Cycle TIG on 20A (or higher) fuse/breaker @ 104F

40% @ 150A

60% @ 120A

100% @ 110A

20% @ 250A

60% @ 160A

100% @ 130A

Duty-Cycle MIG on 20A (or higher) fuse/breaker @ 104F

40% @ 120A

60% @ 110A

100% @ 90A

25% @ 200A 
60% @ 140A 
100% @ 120A

Duty-Cycle STICK on 20A (or higher) fuse/breaker @ 104F

40% @ 110A

60% @ 90A

100% @ 75A

25% @ 200A 
60% @ 140A

100% @ 120A

Arc Voltage (Mig)

13 to 35V

Open Circuit Voltage


Electronic Overload Protection


Cooling (On-demand, electric fan, variable speed)

Fan (Forced Air)

Wire Spool Capability


Wire Diameter *Depends on the material being welded (not all wire can be welded in all sizes).

.023" to .045"


50/60 Hz

Wire Feed Rate (In./Min.)

55 to 630 IPM

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

21" x 11-3/4" x 16-1/2"

Weight *Without wire and cables.

86 lbs


Revolution 2500 Programs