Products Excluded from 10% Discount Promo

The following products are excluded from our 10% discount promotion:

MIG 130, MIG 200i, MIG 200, MIG 2400, MTS 210, Pro Pulse™ 220 MTS, Pro Pulse™ 300, Invertig 221 AC/DC, Invertig 313 AC/DC, Invertig 400 AC/DC, Inverarc 200 TLP, MicroCut 600, Microcut 875SC v2, Optrel® Panoramaxx, Optrel® Crystal 2.0, Optrel® Vegaview 2.5, Optrel® e684, Optrel® Weldcap, MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding Classes, Closeout Items, Stick Welding Kit, 10' MIG Slider Hand Control for the HTP America® Pro Pulse 220MTS, and Gift Cards.