8mm Titanium Coated Spot Weld Drill Bit

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    You know these Spot Weld Bits are different the minute you look at them. We took our HSSE cobalt alloy bit and coated it with space-age Titanium, which is what gives the bit its gold color. The durable, Titanium coating on these bits makes them last three times longer than our 90151 HSSE cobalt bit. This bit features an 8 mm diameter cutting face.

    Our Spot Weld Drill Bits are made of top quality, German tool steel. This high-speed steel is mixed with a special cobalt alloy (EMO5-CO5), resulting in bits that can be expected to last twice as long as standard high-speed steel bits. Tests in our Spot Mill (item #90150) have resulted in over 100 spot welds removed. These advanced bits also work great in any other spot weld cutter.

    Measuring 1-47/64" L x 5/16" diameter, they can be used in any drill which runs between 700 to 1800 rpm. Of course, as with any cutting tool, use of a cutting oil will greatly increase the life of the tool. Once you use one of our Spot Weld Drill Bits, you'll never go back to hole-saw-type cutters again.