15 Series (180A) Flex Neck MIG Gun f/Select Hobart®, MAC Tools®, & Miller® Welders

Product # 700-13-BF10
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  • Description:
    15 Series (180A) flex neck MIG gun, with a two female spaded terminal trigger connection, for the following Hobart®, MAC Tools®, and Miller® welders:

    Hobart® BETA-MIG 170, Handler, Handler 120, Handler 130XL, Handler 150, and MIG-MAN;

    MAC Tools® MW135 and MW175;

    Miller® Gold Seal 422 and Gold Seal 442.

    Uses HTP America® 15 Series consumables (except the liner; for the steel liner, please visit the following link: 16' Steel Liner). To remove the gas nozzle, twist clockwise and pull. To install the gas nozzle, twist clockwise and push. 

    Please Note: Do not bend the flex neck into a complete U-shape—the neck can crack.